Welcome to Drinks Academy. My name is Stuart.

My mission is to make the world happier by helping you discover delicious and healthy alcohol free drinks.

Perhaps you want to…

  • …swap out an alcoholic drink on a weekday so that you are fresh for the next day?
  • …pace your drinking on a night out by replacing some alcoholic drinks with a non-alcoholic version?
  • …moderate your drinking to improve your health?

Whatever your reason, I can help. I do this in two ways:

  1. Tastings of alcohol free drinks
  2. Reviews of alcohol free drinks


Starting in July I will deliver non-alcoholic drink tastings of wines, spirits and beers in Windsor and the surrounding areas. Check out the events page to see what’s on.

Alternatively, if you would like me to host an event for you at your home and you live nearby Windsor, do get in touch. Minimum numbers apply.

I will also do virtual tastings on Zoom. Again, keep checking our events page for these.


Non-alcoholic tasting events are great because they are more inclusive than alcoholic tasting ones and you can have them without concerns about loss of productivity or any HR issues.

I will offer virtual tastings on Zoom which will help you connect with your team, clients and sales prospects throughout Europe.

For face to face events, I can deliver them at your place of business along the Thames Valley, as far west as Reading and as far east as Slough. Please get in touch using the contacts page or via email to enquire.


I have been reviewing alcohol free drinks on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and the blog page of this website since March. Links to the socials can be found at the bottom of this page. I aim to do at two video reviews a week, one of a beer and one of a wine, spirit or other drink category.

The blog page is the best place to find drinks reviews as you can filter by drink type, or search for a specific drink using the search box. Each review includes a video review from YouTube, a text review summary and the nutritional information for the drink. Enjoy!

If you like what I do, please support if you can by attending one of the events. You are sure to discover some great drinks.



“Thank you Stuart for my first virtual wine tasting event. Your warmth and passion immediately shined through. I felt very much at ease asking you lots of questions; very informative responses. In 45 minutes we covered a great deal, the pace and content was perfect. I feel you have given me confidence to pass on my new knowledge to family & friends. Your positive enthusiasm definitely left me wanting to learn even more about wine.”


“…your content is really top notch…Thanks for the great videos. Your’s are definitely the most reliable of the videos I’ve been searching on low and no alcoholic drinks.”