What are the benefits of alcohol-free drinks?

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Alcohol-free drinks are growing rapidly in popularity and are becoming much more commonplace. But why are alcohol free drinks becoming so popular? What is the point of alcohol-free drinks anyway?

A recent survey carried out by Opinium showed that people gave the following reasons for drinking no and low alcohol drinks in the past 12 months:

  • 39% Drink at times when it would not be appropriate to have something stronger (such as when driving or getting up early the next day)
  • 36% Taste
  • 33% To cut down
  • 22% Out of curiosity
  • 18% Drink alongside conventional drinks
  • 15% Friend/family member recommended/offered
  • 10% Seen, read or heard about these drinks
  • 8% Illness or to improve health
  • 8% To help take part in temporary abstinence
  • 7% Recovering from alcohol dependency
  • 5% Reduce possibility of impulsive behaviour or poor judgement
  • 5% Pregnant/supporting pregnant partner
  • 3% Avoid sober shaming/to fit in
  • 3% Religious reasons

I carried out a survey of 37 people this year who were mostly middle-class professionals in the age range of 26-45. It showed their top five reasons to buy alcohol-free drinks were:

  • 38% To cut down on alcohol consumption
  • 24% To reduce calorie intake
  • 19% To drink in place of alcohol in the week
  • 19% To improve physical health
  • 16% To improve mental health

Other reasons mentioned included: religious reasons, to feel better the next day and to be able to offer something to guests who are not drinking.

As you can see, there are many reasons why these drinks are becoming so popular. What is your reason for being interested?

There are also some alcohol-free drinks which have added functional ingredients which are supposed to provide a specific health benefit, but this subject will be covered in another blog post!

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